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What are some good TEDTalks about design that helps people?

I am starting this program called Make The Change in order to help students give back to community, mainly design students.

I am looking for any TED talk that talks about how Design helps people

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Nov 5 2012: I can't really bring up any specific Ted talks about design but I WOULD love to advocate for design of housing for handicapped individuals. These plans, in my belief should include handicapped friendly and accessible EMERGENCY housing plans. Housing design specifically for the para or quadriplegic would be very beneficial. Low income but practical housing design for the low income, disabled person or family to have safe, cheap housing that matches their needs. These are areas of design that I find extremely limited. In your design process, get folks that live in wheel chairs to be a part of the design process. I promise that they will know things that need to be addressed that a non-chair bound individual will NEVER think of. It comes from living in a chair for a while not by a bunch of students trying to guess whether they've actually covered all the bases. I'd be happy to volunteer as I really have nothing else to do at all these days and boredom is driving me nuts. I'm smart, educated and willing. When do we start?

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