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Pedro Aguirre

Regional Marketing Manager, AIESEC Belgium

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What are some good TEDTalks about design that helps people?

I am starting this program called Make The Change in order to help students give back to community, mainly design students.

I am looking for any TED talk that talks about how Design helps people

Thanks in advance for your help!


Topics: design education

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    Nov 3 2012: Hi Pedro, I appreciate it is a great topic. Students are actually young learning mindsets who need to learn and understand the knowledge (anything which exist in the nature, has +ves and -ves values, properties and qualities) plus how it works and how it can be utilized for growth, construction, and development, that is what I called is the "Knowledge".

    For designing the minds, we have to think differently or diversely to explore the potential discoveries and innovations, and to create a frame work of mind designing structure, will need to reset our vision to develop process of education and evaluating the results of that education.

    Let me know If I can help, I will cooperate and do what I can.

    All the best. Zack
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      Nov 5 2012: Thanks Zack, I will keep you updated on how the progress of the plan goes

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