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Who do you think is the right choice for president and why?

The one issue that gets debated on frequently is politics, so what are your thoughts on the 2012 race?
Who won which debates? Who has the best ideas?
are the third party candidates a good option?


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  • Nov 3 2012: I remember the Kennedys.. Not camelot, freedom from fear. War was everwhere and our government that we were in imminent threat of devastion at the hands of those godlss commies both outside and inside AMERICA! Kennedy arrived; he was young, handsome, intelligent, didn't mind wearing makeup, But most all he told us that there was some thing wrong with america. But we are a great people and that if it could be done we could do it. The first time I heard Obama speak the thought that flashed through my head was "The Boss is back." Now I am in 2012 I believe that the president will bring honesty and integrity back to the american political process and, more importantly, confidence and pride back to the american people.

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