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Who do you think is the right choice for president and why?

The one issue that gets debated on frequently is politics, so what are your thoughts on the 2012 race?
Who won which debates? Who has the best ideas?
are the third party candidates a good option?


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    Nov 2 2012: @ Ken Brown RE: " I don't think anyone could turn it around in 4 years. . . "
    I am sorry Mr. Brown I do not get your point. Please clarify. Thank you!
    • Nov 2 2012: I think what he means is that as the systems are constantly changing, it will push some minorities, ie: elderly, disabled, etc) off to the wayside
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        Nov 2 2012: As an old geezer I do not like the sound of that! What is the substance thereof?
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      Nov 3 2012: What i mean is the government is reacting to the speed of direct online participation and has tried to implement a system that will cater to it, you may baulk at it as it is new but new has proven to push aside the old and change things very fast. Look at how Kodak fell and yet it developed the first small digital camera. All of you Americans want change and you want it now, if you truly want direct participation then you will want open source otherwise you will be left behind with what you have now. This is how i view my political self, 65% conservative, 25% liberal, 15% Earth system. There's a talk on Ted that addresses this, i just can't remember what was the name of it. No one who took the hot seat of your country could have given a financial recovery within 4 years, it's a three term problem unless you want to have starving invalids and the poor resorting to violence just to buy enough to eat and the rest of you living in compounds set up by private companies playing on your fear. I don't really care who wins, it's not my election but there is change coming to your system, if you can't see it, it is because you are inside the bubble.

      I'm surprised no one here has heard of the Slow movement, it started in Italy with food and is slowly making it's way felt through other media, it's about quality and the fact that you are not designed to run on Av gas 24hrs a day. Technologists really hate it. EDIT I listened to one speaker talk of it as a reaction to our short lives, our mortality, so we are trying to experience every moment available before our dream ending.

      Take a look at this amazing speech from an area of western perception that classifies it as third world but in reality is far beyond where the west is now. The thing is is that South America can go it alone, it doesn't need the planet, it has everything it needs to become an emergent power house.

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        Nov 3 2012: Thank you Mr.Brown.
        "The first element of the environment is human happiness." So says Equador's President who obviously agrees with our (the USA) Declaration of Independence which defines the three inalienable rights a free nation must afford its citizens: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS (my emphasis). We may be hard put to call this on-topic, but what a meaningful debate it would be to argue the question: Is market-driven, hyper-consumerism inconsistent with human happiness?" If the answer is yes our President would be obligated to set a new course for the USA. Yipes!
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          Nov 3 2012: It's your country Ed.

          I think those in power will have to update their mindsets from 5 years in the past to now and learn to use the coming technology of open source government, you will have more of a say than what you think you have now whether it is good or bad.

          The beast will rise regardless, it's rider awaits.

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