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Who do you think is the right choice for president and why?

The one issue that gets debated on frequently is politics, so what are your thoughts on the 2012 race?
Who won which debates? Who has the best ideas?
are the third party candidates a good option?


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    Nov 2 2012: Obama is a failed president who has repeatedly demonstrated The Peter Principle in action. Romney is by profession devoted to the actual task of large scale managing and governing. Romney has consistently instituted policies which rescue people and businesses from financial ruin, rather than pushing them closer to the precipice as Obama has. On Nov. 6 we have the luxury of deciding between two proven individuals. One is a proven failure. The other a proven success. We do not have to go with our intuition, or toss a coin. Two known quantities are on the ballot: one a proven, ethical, trustworthy winner- Mitt Romney; the other a duplicitious failure offering four more years of circling the drain- Barak Hussein Obama.
    • Nov 2 2012: I don't think we were watching the same debates lol
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        Nov 2 2012: You are correct Mr. Johnson. I did not watch the debates. I read the complete transcripts afterwards and found them contaminated by media bias and incompetence. I find performance reviews much more valuable as assessment tools. I assume your point is that my assessment of our two choices is inaccurate. Noted. I think the post is very crisp and concise, don't you? I read, "Who do YOU (my emphasis) think the right choice for president is?" I find it interesting that, thus far, only one response has simply answered the question. Have you a simple, direct answer? Thank you!
        • Nov 2 2012: I do have a simple direct answer. The correct answer is that Obama is the best choice for president because even though he hasn't done much for this country, Romney will send us in a downward spiral due to his medicare policies (pamphlets) and his ability to care only for the wealthy and those without disabilities. Obama cares for all the classes of Americans, not just the upper class. Romney, I'm sorry to say, has no ability to hold to his own opinions. If the leader of our country can't hold to his own opinions what would that say about our country? Our enemies would see us as weak.
          If you want to make an educated decision in 2016 I suggest you actually watch the debates instead of reading the transcript. It makes all the difference.
          The one thing I'm sure we all saw was Romney arguing with the moderator. If he tries to talk over the moderators instead of knowing his place how will he lead a country, talk to congress, or lead a meeting of the UN. All of these need communication skills and the ability to see others opinions and think them over, instead of seeing them as wrong right from the get - go.
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        Nov 2 2012: That 15 line, 2 paragraph, off-topic excursion is your idea of a simple, direct answer? I'm glad I didn't ask you to elucidate! I agree with your benevolent assessment of the current administration: ". . . he hasn't done much for the country". Great campaign slogan! I hope you don't mind if I use it as an example of how people rationalize supporting Barak Hussein Obama.
        • Nov 2 2012: It is simple, if you watched the debates and aid any attention to the 2012 race in order to make an educated decision. you asked for a simple and direct answer. I gave you something I saw as simple and direct. Basically it all comes down to the fact that Romney is a lying cheating scandal of a candidate who changes his mind like he changes his underwear and is not qualified for even a VP position. and explain to me how my last reply was off topic because I think I hit all topics possible that were seen, or in your case read, in all debates.
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          Nov 2 2012: Gee Ryan, you need to get over being shy and not expressing you opinion. Don't hold back .. tell us what you think.

          On second thought ... I know what you think ... I would be interested in what you know ... not just opinions.

          I happen to agree with using performance history and not hot air of hopes and promises.

          Thank You.

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