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How can we stem the rising racism in European football?

The rising issue of racism was confined to few Eastern European nations, but now the symptoms are spreading to the UK which has witnessed a rising incidents almost each week involving black players.

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    Nov 2 2012: reporter interviews a village fella: "do you have antisemitism around here?" "no, but there's a demand for it."

    does anyone honestly believe that non-racist people are made racist by a ballgame? it just exposes it. football tends to collect the lowest of the scum, and they are just expressing openly what other people keep secret.

    it is the tribal thinking that we still could not get rid of after all the wars and atrocities caused by it throughout many centuries. many fail to identify the same kind of tribalism in their everyday's thinking, and only condemn those they disagree with.
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    Gail .

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    Nov 2 2012: The problem is not just in Europe and it is not just in sports.

    In the USA, black slavery has been reinstituted, but it's not called slavery. It's called prison.

    Though marijuana use is about equal among whites and blacks, blacks are ten times more likely to be sent to prison for simple non-violent possession of marijuana. They then work for the USA and major corporations. In some states, they are not paid. In others, they earn between 20 and 60 cents an hour.

    It is not uncommon for possession of a few grams of marijuana to get you a longer prison term than a murderer.

    When I watch the local news, I see black people being arrested all the time, but white crime seems to be mostly absent even though about half of the jail population is black (while only 13% of our population is black). When a pretty white girl goes missing, the nation is up in arms, but when a pretty black girl goes missing, we don't hear about it.

    DWB (Driving While Black) is a common reason for police to pull a driver over and search the driver as well as the car.

    When the economy takes a downward turn, the black community is hit first and hardest. It is also the last to recover.

    The despair in the black community is real, but it is ignored unless black students don't show up for school, causing the school to lose dollars because schools are paid per filled seat per day.
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    Nov 1 2012: We continue to remind people by media campaign, sensitization and education that these acts are unacceptable. We as individuals should also examine ourselves so that we can make changes whenever we notice in ourselves the tendency towards intolerance and cultural chauvinism.
    Laws are good; but attitudinal change is even better.
  • Nov 6 2012: Well its happening and in sports something like this should not happen. Maybe some out minded fans may show some racist behavior. But what is so strange is that it even happens among players. Why? because as a sportsman you learn to respect others and in the field, you learn what is the real value of players that are with you in the pitch no matter if he is in your team or playing against you. When the whistle starts the game, you realize that you are as human as every man that is in the pitch and that the color of your skin, eyes etc. makes no difference. Racism or discrimination is based on the idea that you are superior and that someone is inferior. Maybe they don't know that "different" does not mean inferior or superior. Is just different. Its very sad the case of John Terry, who has played side by side with so many players from other ethnic groups. He has won and lost with them, and he never learned the lesson.
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    Nov 2 2012: Are sure it's in rise ?
    Are you sure it's football specific ?
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    Nov 2 2012: Firstly ı want to quote from trotsky ''crisis of capitalism create fascizm.Shortly football is a little part of this situation...economical difficulties cause to corruption
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    Nov 2 2012: Not only in the UK, also in Germany, the racism in football (soccer) is rising.

    General education, lokal integration programs and criminal prosecution are the first tools to cope with this problem.

    Also we should not see this rise in racism just isolated in sport, as the audience is nothing but part of our societies, which takes the scope of this problem to a higher and more serious dimension.

    Within our modern times of Enlightenment in Europe, no rise in racism comes just 'out of the blue' and was either there before and just covered and unexpressed, or it sparked anew. Both possibilities are alarming and should be treated as such, as it undermines one of the core ideas of Europe, to unite its members and to integrate others.

    Racism can have a multitude of reasons and we should find out if there are some general pattern of it and what they are. In my view, the given situation in Europe, the crisis of banks and nations, the rise of unemployment and the rise in risk to be affected by it, has never served as a good environment for the integration of so called 'foreigners'.

    Some people just need someone to blame for their misfortune and instead of blaming those who caused it, as banks and economic policies became sacred these days, a new cause has to be found. Easy to identify and small in numbers and influence. History tells us, that 'foreigners' seem to have all what's needed for an angry mob and that's why there has to be ZERO tolerance for racism and hostility to foreigners! ZERO tolerance!

    And it is time for our moral courage. For all of us!