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What is the origin of the idea that a deity created the world?

Many attribute the creationist concept for the world's origin to the Jewish text scribed by Moses, The Book of Genesis, but what was Moses source for this story? Are there other stories about the beginning of the world that predate the Old Testament account? Please provide references and not just speculation.


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  • Nov 8 2012: Elohim is a plural Hebrew word that English Bible translates as “God.” Many scholars have wrestled with the question of why a plural word was chosen for the name of the Creator.
    The possible answer is that " the original and most high God was and is all-inclusive, collective, not separate from any of the creation, and that created beings are intrinsic portions of the Whole." Later the name of God was changed to Yahweh Elohim, which is translated as “Lord God.” And later it became named. Maybe it reflects the history of human psyche , the way how we were becoming more and more rational and less and less intuitive ; in a way , it is the ' fall '.

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