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What is the origin of the idea that a deity created the world?

Many attribute the creationist concept for the world's origin to the Jewish text scribed by Moses, The Book of Genesis, but what was Moses source for this story? Are there other stories about the beginning of the world that predate the Old Testament account? Please provide references and not just speculation.


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    Nov 5 2012: I don't think that the usual contemporary concept of deity was found anywhere on the world before the Roman era.

    Venerated were foremost the ancestors as the originators of life. All forces in nature were personalized as doings from spirit at which the deceased could have any influence. The idea of any ending of existence wasn't present as everything was experienced as a transitional form from one being into another.

    With civilizations came pharaoh’s and emperors as in Egypt and China that were thought of as born a man from heaven meaning being on earth but living in spirit.

    The story of Moses is mythological an visual representation of spiritual events.

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