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What is the origin of the idea that a deity created the world?

Many attribute the creationist concept for the world's origin to the Jewish text scribed by Moses, The Book of Genesis, but what was Moses source for this story? Are there other stories about the beginning of the world that predate the Old Testament account? Please provide references and not just speculation.


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  • Nov 2 2012: Notice that mental hospitals commonly have multiple patients who claim divinity. It seems to be a level of consciousness in the brain. As far as I can tell schizophrenia as well as manic depression have been with us since the dawn of man, some theorists argue that it is a consequence of developing language(especially in schizophrenia).

    I think David Hume when he wrote An enquiry Concerning Understanding hinted that we infer a brilliant creator when we look at the universe for the same reason why when we look at a building we infer that this was created by man. I have never seen anyone build a skyscraper yet I infer that this happened due to experience. Our experience of cause and effect invariably leads us to reasoning that a superior intelligence created the universe.

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