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Shame is a hinderance to education.

In Brené Brown's "Listening to Shame," she describes the difference between guilt and shame: guilt is "I made a mistake" and shame is "I am a mistake." By accepting these definitions, can it not be assumed that shame is not needed in schools? If shame is a personal opinion of oneself, is it not then only a hinderance to gaining an education?

In an article that I wrote recently(jakefrackson.wordpress.com - You Should be Ashamed of Yourself), I discuss shame and its role in education systems. I explore the use of shame and why, I believe, it is not necessary.

Working with the definition of shame above, is shame a hinderance to education?


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    Nov 2 2012: Just a personal humble opinion. Shame is not a hinderance to education because Shame doesn't derive solely from the mistakes made or opportunities missed in school. It happens anywhere and everywhere in circumstances where you feel you could've done better as an individual. It is an emotion and a state of mind, we can't just dismiss it as unnecessary. It can only be a hurdle to run away from, or a stepping stone. Its a development we all go through and before anyone can say its unnecessary, half the world has learnt/ gain from feeling ashamed. Cos sometimes you learn so much more when it hits you where it hurts. If 1 has no sense of shame, we'd all be running around naked in Walmart.
    • Nov 9 2012: As funny as the idea of people running around naked in Walmart is do you really think that's what kids would do if their teachers decided they shouldn't feel like mistakes? Because having a sense of dignity (and remaining fully clothed) isn't the result of shame.

      Where else does shame come from if not from mistakes or any effort someone else has deemed unacceptable? It's sourced in other people's reactions to you not your conscience.

      I do agree that you can use shame as a learning opportunity- to learn not to be ashamed of yourself.

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