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Shame is a hinderance to education.

In Brené Brown's "Listening to Shame," she describes the difference between guilt and shame: guilt is "I made a mistake" and shame is "I am a mistake." By accepting these definitions, can it not be assumed that shame is not needed in schools? If shame is a personal opinion of oneself, is it not then only a hinderance to gaining an education?

In an article that I wrote recently(jakefrackson.wordpress.com - You Should be Ashamed of Yourself), I discuss shame and its role in education systems. I explore the use of shame and why, I believe, it is not necessary.

Working with the definition of shame above, is shame a hinderance to education?


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  • Nov 5 2012: 2nd people should not feel obligated to take a certain career path simply for money. No that's how people get midlife crisis, because they don't appreciate there life. But does that mean u should quit and pursue dream job not necessarily. Why because people need financial stability in order to sustain their way of life. Depends on what satifies you, and if anyone depends on u. For instance if u dreamed of being a rapper all your life then one day get this opportunity to do it. Then think about this how this effect my relationship, will I be able to take care of my kids if any, Most important if I fail how will I support myself, then consider if the risk is worth it. Another story I took a class with a finely aged man who was going back to school to be an engineer. I asked what were his goals with this degree, he didn't have any. He just wanted to go back to make some more money. You see he had already pursued a forfilling job as a carpenter but since the industry didn't make a lot of money he went back to school to find a job that supported what is now his carpentry hobby.

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