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Shame is a hinderance to education.

In Brené Brown's "Listening to Shame," she describes the difference between guilt and shame: guilt is "I made a mistake" and shame is "I am a mistake." By accepting these definitions, can it not be assumed that shame is not needed in schools? If shame is a personal opinion of oneself, is it not then only a hinderance to gaining an education?

In an article that I wrote recently(jakefrackson.wordpress.com - You Should be Ashamed of Yourself), I discuss shame and its role in education systems. I explore the use of shame and why, I believe, it is not necessary.

Working with the definition of shame above, is shame a hinderance to education?


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    Nov 3 2012: jake, i personally feel that shame decreases ur confidence level. if a child gets scolded among his classmates so often he would feel that he is not upto their mark as a student and he is not eligible to be in that grade.. this thought would create some pshychological effect in him.. this would make him to be in the bottom position. Rather he could be encouraged by telling him about his positive traits to make him reach a good position..

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