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How to motivate TEDx speakers before the event?

As the TEDxYouth@Khartoum conference approaches, our question is about how we can help motivate and prepare our speakers, psychologically and mentally, to give a great talk.


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    Nov 2 2012: Unless you sedate them with drugs, stage fright is always part of the game... :o) And that's ok.

    What you can do as a backstage host is just being friendly and try to sense what an individual may need. Some may wish to talk about anything just to get their thoughts off the speach in front of them. Some may wish for silence and time to focus and concentrate. So a backstage area should offer both if possible. A meeting area and a retreat. You could also serve some teas of the calming type and stimulating drinks like coffee and such alike. For some people a small glass of champagne does wonders, but alcohol should only - if at all - be served in very small quantities, as it becomes destructive otherwise. Smokers would be happy if they could smoke somewhere, and little bowls of snacks like peanuts would keep many nervous hands beautifully busy... :o)

    Finally, a view words of encouragement and an open smile on the way out to stage will support as best as you can.

    Good luck and good success with your conference!
    • Nov 3 2012: Am not a backstage host i am in the speaker comity, I'm talking about in reahearsal how make them ready to Event

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