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How to motivate TEDx speakers before the event?

As the TEDxYouth@Khartoum conference approaches, our question is about how we can help motivate and prepare our speakers, psychologically and mentally, to give a great talk.


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    Nov 2 2012: The situation is difficult to visualize. Have you invited people with little experience speaking to groups? Have they been expressing nervous concerns to you or reluctance to be on your program?

    How to prepare people depends very much on why you do not expect them to speak well without your assistance.

    Are they nervous and lacking in intrinsic motivation - or is it really that you don't have confidence in them?

    Whatever you decide to do, I would suggest that you try not to let your anxiety about their motivations or ability to speak well interfere with their natural motivation and poise.
    • Nov 3 2012: Thanks very much i will try that , they are developing

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