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Does society need guns for peace? How can humanity transcend violence?

In his TED Talk (attached) Peter Van Uhm argues that "sometimes only the gun can stand between good and evil… The gun may be the most important instrument of peace and stability that we have in this world."

Is his thesis sound? Does society need guns? Can we feasibly rid society of violence? Are guns and other forms of weapons necessary for an orderly society? Given recent outbreaks of violent large scale massacres and terrorists attacks how should governing authorities approach gun and weapon control?


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    Nov 1 2012: Bullys, tyrants, psychopaths, predators, and violent zealots do not respond readily to reason or peaceful dialog. Unless we can find a way to take away all guns we should be be very careful about whose guns we do take away. Unless you disqualify yourself, by condition or conduct, from gun ownership you must be free to choose to arm yourself for any and all legal purposes. Might is right is the mantra of criminals. If a criminal is sizing you up as a potential victim they will pay careful attention to your ability to defend against them. The only hope for most innocent, peace-loving people is for an equalizer of some sort. Enter the gun. This applies equally on the individual level and on a global level.

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