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Do we really care about world peace?

The present race for stealthy weapons does not give any evidence/support to our desire for world peace. No soldier wishes to fight a war. Only political misunderstandings
and lack of leadership lead to war as a solution.

There are people in remote places who have no idea of the automobile, yet they sleep happily. Present modern man with so much incredible technology is trying to find a button to destroy the planet.

Please take my view leniently and comment.


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  • Nov 6 2012: Not only is it a matter of how the humans need to ignite their inner-selves in support of peace but also what is it that pulls humans away from it?

    Violence has been a part of humanity ever since the beginning, from the slaughter of the first animal for survival to the times of Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul and later the two devastating World Wars in the 20th Century. So what is it that humans have always failed to understand about peace? Is it their greed or the amusement of another humans pain? The humans are yet to understand the similarities between each other, when their mind transcends the focus on religions, nationalities, languages and color, they might. Admiring the other human being for the person they are and not what they have, may bring about a much desired change. Having a history with such major events that portrayed nothing but violence as the pathway of life, the humans have now internalized all of it as a subject they can easily ignore. It seems like humans have lost hope.

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