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Do we really care about world peace?

The present race for stealthy weapons does not give any evidence/support to our desire for world peace. No soldier wishes to fight a war. Only political misunderstandings
and lack of leadership lead to war as a solution.

There are people in remote places who have no idea of the automobile, yet they sleep happily. Present modern man with so much incredible technology is trying to find a button to destroy the planet.

Please take my view leniently and comment.


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  • Nov 4 2012: I believe peace is a must if we are to progress and evolve as a universal specie. We need to start focusing on goals beyond our own wallets, beyond our wealth, beyond our country's wealth and beyond our own planet. Maybe if we rise the living standards of the poorest, if we educate our young and make them aware that we all are a living specie stationed in an orbiting planet, we can evolve thru our young and continue existing. Peace, or living without fear, is key to establish the best environment for best human brains to propose the best ways to achieve greater goals. I live in Mexico, people live in fear.

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