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"No Take" fishing area owned by local communities as fish-producing factories

To convince local rural population that a healthy ecosystem will produce products faster than any other method as "nature/life" is the ultimate efficient system. the "fish factory" works on it's own, without supervision, 24 hours a day, without rest or public holiday. All you have to do is make sure to leave it alone and no one steal the workers of your factory.

I am testing the idea with a local village. they have seen countless agencies, ngo and so on with few follow up and endless promises. A compensation fund is proposed to account proportionately for immediate loss of revenue, and protection of their assets.

i heard often and used the banking system as a analogy, but i think factory might resonate better for certain communities.

simplistic but need to be to not overpower local comunity with information overload. from there it can expand.

the idea is not new, but the formulation of it might be.


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    Nov 4 2012: Thank you for posting that and best wishes.

    Can you say who will be paying for the compensation fund? Is that the part that's new or if not may I ask you to say which part of this is new?
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      Nov 5 2012: a eco resort will provide the initial compensation, as a entrance fee to the area.

      the part that i think is new is the formulation of the fish factory, rather than using bank account analogy, or scientific explanation for a no take zone. it resonate better with the local community. the idea of no take zone is very mainstream in environment circle.

      the new could be that most of the funds goes to the bottom of the financial piramid, rather than having been funneled through the top, where only drops usually get to the bottom end of the economic ladder.

      hope it answers the question.

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