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"No Take" fishing area owned by local communities as fish-producing factories

To convince local rural population that a healthy ecosystem will produce products faster than any other method as "nature/life" is the ultimate efficient system. the "fish factory" works on it's own, without supervision, 24 hours a day, without rest or public holiday. All you have to do is make sure to leave it alone and no one steal the workers of your factory.

I am testing the idea with a local village. they have seen countless agencies, ngo and so on with few follow up and endless promises. A compensation fund is proposed to account proportionately for immediate loss of revenue, and protection of their assets.

i heard often and used the banking system as a analogy, but i think factory might resonate better for certain communities.

simplistic but need to be to not overpower local comunity with information overload. from there it can expand.

the idea is not new, but the formulation of it might be.


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  • Nov 1 2012: Common sense. This has been known many places. See Prescot in The Conquest of Mexico and Peru. The Aztecs would protect no hunting areas to do what is proposed. These areas could later be harvested.
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      Nov 1 2012: i agree it is common sense and done before. but you would be surprised how hard it is to convince some people of the obvious.
      the idea is not new, but what i am trying to research is new formulations of concepts that resonate with specific local cultures,
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        Nov 4 2012: I read of this in David Suzuki's 'Good News For A Change'. An ocean sanctuary off of New Zealand and the fish came back faster than anyone predicted.
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          Nov 5 2012: there are many instances where the concept of no take zone have proven successful. the chalenges is usually the specifics of a particular region, in this instance a area that was throughout history was a pirate hub, where opportunistic behaviours are the norm, corruption institutionalised, and future visions based on common sense good topics of conversations with little effect on the daily life.
          the first mind set to get out is this:
          if i don't take it, someone else will.

          and hard to convince anyone of the opposite. part of the big planetary mess we are in.

          thanks for your mind/time/energy


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