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Are increasing laws leading people to abandon their humanity?

Everyday new laws are created to prevent or premote actions, but what about common sense?

I think an intelligent person can agree that there are no absolutes in life. So why is it that we cannot find a way to create one rule, call it the "Golden Rule" (pun intended), and fix the broken system?

Do we really need "laws" to protect us from ourselves? Or laws to proteect our feelings? What happend to self-esteem and common sense?

Why do we make criminals out of people instead of educating them, has the system really given up on people and decided that locking them away is just easier?


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    Oct 30 2012: i think it's bureaucracy gone mad. why on earth we insist on this form of governing ourselves, I don't know.

    how many times have you contacted a government department and been stonewalled by a phone monkey that has no ability or power to help you?

    how many ministers and politicians are there that have no experience in the field they preside over?

    how many 'registration councils' are there that charge money and set rules to follow in order to "maintain a minimum level of professionalism/competence" but in the end are ineffectual and cumbersome?

    down with bureaucracy and legislating everything out of fear or knee-jerk reactions.
    • Oct 30 2012: I'm sorry but your reply was not to my question but to the one that TED created.
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        Oct 30 2012: if you mean the question written in bold type then my answer is no.

        but there is certainly very little humanity in bureaucracy which is what I was referring to.

        combine this heartless bureaucracy with tracking/spying technology and the future is looking very grim for those of us who have not lost our humanity (which includes human frailty and flaws).

        if someone has been the victim of crime, then it is easier to see that many laws are necessary. I'm not sure why a victim would have sympathy for the perpetrator that showed no sympathy for their victim regardless of the perpetrator's situation, background or lack of education.

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