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Are increasing laws leading people to abandon their humanity?

Everyday new laws are created to prevent or premote actions, but what about common sense?

I think an intelligent person can agree that there are no absolutes in life. So why is it that we cannot find a way to create one rule, call it the "Golden Rule" (pun intended), and fix the broken system?

Do we really need "laws" to protect us from ourselves? Or laws to proteect our feelings? What happend to self-esteem and common sense?

Why do we make criminals out of people instead of educating them, has the system really given up on people and decided that locking them away is just easier?


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    Oct 30 2012: We don't incarcerate people because we don't want to educate them, or because we think it is easier. People go to prison after episodes of criminal behaviour, often after several repeated offenses. Society obliges criminals who demonstrate clearly by their conduct that they cannot play well with others, like we all learned in kindergarten. We don't need laws to protect us from ourselves, we need laws to protect us from those who prey upon us. There is an ancient, venerated Golden Rule which governs decent, honorable people who exercise common sense. That Rule defines the concept of self-esteem and common sense. The other myriad laws are for all those who find the Golden Rule unworkable.

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