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Debate: Has education changed?

Has education become more about temporary results and grades than long-term success and knowledge?


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  • Nov 3 2012: I could write a book on how education is changing/has changed. As an older teacher and one who graduated from high school many years ago I have seen education go from truly helping/educating all students to one in which the only "good" students are the ones that excel in academics and are good at answering multiple choice questions--teaching to the test. Because of the high stakes testing the first classes cut from the schools are the vocational and arts which means that many students are denied the education that they want/need. I have taught many students that could take an engine apart and put it back together again or build a house but are not getting to improve those skills because of the focus on academics. In fact, many of them are not able to graduate and become labeled as failures. We need to get back to the idea of a comprehensive education for all students that allows every student to excel in whatever field they want. I sometimes wonder if the colleges have an economic reason for wanting everyone to go to college and supporting the idea of an all academic curriculum. I could go on and on about how are education system is failing so many of our young people, but I will stop and not bore you with my diatribes.

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