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Debate: Has education changed?

Has education become more about temporary results and grades than long-term success and knowledge?


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    Nov 2 2012: fritzie, feyisayo, robert, i agree with you people.. iam an indian.i am in the 12th grade.i think the educational system here has totally changed and it is just pressurizing the students. getting good grades and entering in to a good college has only been the great goal for each and every student, teachers n parents..The truth is that one always needs to improve and showcase their skills, otherwise the potential in them would wither and die away. Besides, being good at only academics is in no way significant of the fact that the student is a good person and is capable of other things. After all, we all know that academics isn’t everything in life. i think everywhere in the world even the little kids at the age of 4 are made to study multiplication tables etc what does this little kid will know about it! everybody wants their kid to be the best.. nobody is trying to understand their chilldren and their abilities and capacities.. i hope the world would revolutionize soon in its educational system..

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