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In a world of diversity, is it really possible to coexist without conflict?

We live in a world composed of various people, ideas, cultures, etc, which sometimes are locked in a web of conflicting interests, yet it is conventionally expected that peace should reign. Given the reality of the world we live in, is it still plausible to expect peace and harmony?

Topics: society

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  • Nov 9 2012: The issue is not about regarding conflict as a negative in the good/bad sense but in a directional sense. Conflict drives us towards or away from a particular position, this is the actuator for diversity...what we should do is recognise that we are attempting to contain diversity on a rapidly diminishing plane and that, although this will not extinguish 'conflict'; and we should not wish for that as without diversity and its prompt: conflict, we will only be left with stagnation, we must look to a human diaspora..collectively focus on the ways and means of spreading off planet.

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