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Debate: Is mental illness contagious?

We are constantly being told 'it is in our genes' But I feel perfectly normal kids can have their mental state changed because of mistreatment. I also feel that being exposed to mental illness can cause mental illness.What do you think and what are your experiences?

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    Oct 29 2012: A mental state is something different than a mental illness.

    For decades psychology saw most mental illnesses as the consequence of mistreatment during childhood. A very frustrating period for many parents because in most cases it later appeared to have a biological cause.

    If the brain functions a bit different as what is commonly understood as normal that person has a handicap to function within society in the way it is expected. This alone gives an enormous dose of stress because everyone wants to be and function like everyone else.
    If you have a physical handicap that is invisible and nobody would have any consideration for your condition the same would happen. The difference however that in that case you could tell about your handicap which isn't possible with a mental disorder.

    Nothing contagious with mental illnesses but very much so with condemnations of all kinds.
    • Oct 29 2012: Medical miistakes have always occurred. I am not a fan of psychologists, whom I believe are over-rated.
      I do personally know someone whom labelled herself eccentric for years, sayng she was an unusual person and merely eccentric.She suffered from delusions due to acquired brain injury following a car accident and became known for child abductions.
      Incorrect diagnosis is dangerous to people, and failure to dagnosis can be very dangerous also. Unrealistic expectations of a persons abilty can cause them to fall victim to injury,crime and more.

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