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Combining SixthSense and the EPOC neuroheadset.

In my idea, I thought of the possibility of not only building SixthSense as an open source invention, but adding the EPOC neauroheadset to it so that it would read specific brain wave patterns and calibrating the different patterns to a certain function within SixthSense. For example, instead of moving your hands in a picture taking gesture, you can just think "take a picture" and the brain waves given off by that thought can be read by a program that I wrote, and then given off as a language that the device can read (machine language)
Note: I am only 14 years old. If I can think of this and then build it, then I am hoping that not only my generation but other generations will learn to start thinking logically and have a more serious outlook on where they will go in life.


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  • Nov 2 2012: Actually the idea if implemented could really bridge the gap between the physical and digital environments.Amazing idea!

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