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An institution devoted to reviewing and highlighting legislation that has exceeded a certain time frame.

Legislation is important under certain contexts. It's crucial, then, to keep legislation current. I think it a spectacular idea to commit a non-profit group to holding outdated legislation to current standards.

To quote the U.S. General Accounting Office report to Congress in 1990, through P.J. O'Rourke's "Parliament of Whores,"

"The government established a wool and mohair price-support program in 1954... to encourage domestic wool production in the interest of national security."

How is my proposal any better than the Government Accountability Office? Well, I'm not entirely sure and I suppose this is why I'm proposing it. I feel, though, the the GAO is entirely too big and that a program like this should have a lot more visibility - voters can access an archive of legislation, what it was written to combat, and what the general effects of it are now.


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    Oct 28 2012: There are groups that track all of these. I went to dumb and outdated laws laws and viewed by state and federal. I went to recommended budget cuts and found a trove of recommend cuts that made a lot of sense.

    Here is a whole new area for you to have grave concerns about if you really want to make multi trillion dollar differences: Subsidies, stimuluses, and Executive Orders.

    I have never heard of an Executive Order being resinded .... and the other two are just plain political money pits.

    The sad thing is that you cannot even blame Congress for these debits as these bypass Congress and Congressional oversight. One of the other areas you should evaluate is Government Grants.

    If you want to start analyzing the government waste I suggest you buy a lot of asperine ... this will hurt your head.

    Good luck. Bob.
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      Oct 28 2012: Thanks for the input. I was pretty appalled at some of the subsidies that go unnoticed, like the mohair price support, but it's good to have a couple other handles on what to tackle. What do you mean you went to dumb outdated laws and recommended budget cuts? Do you mean you googled these as search terms?
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        Oct 28 2012: Yes google them.
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          Oct 28 2012: That is interesting. I will work to get such sites more visible. But these don't exactly satisfy my itch. I was looking to highlight legislation that, more specifically, allocated money. I realize I didn't make that explicit in my question.

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