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      Mar 26 2011: Do you understand what it means to 抬杠?or shall I ask Do you understand what is 常识?

      let me reply some of your questions:
      Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and other great thinkers, heroes and scholars in history all had humble beginnings, so what are you suggesting? how does the social inequality have something to do with them? is it relevant here?

      Are you implying farmers should not speak their views and engage themselves in politics even when the country is a mess and affecting their livelihood and well being? who create the mess? the peasants?the chinese peasants always do nothing but farming.

      Will there be any leadership without the people?100% yes,but,on one condition that leadershio shall be subject to surpervison and the consent of the people.

      Where does the rice you are eating come from? rice is earned by the hard work,not given by the leadership.
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          Mar 26 2011: I don't think my chinese is that bad. 統治階級 is not leadership. And you point of 飲水思源 totally make sense. But where is the 源,do you suppose? The ruling class?
          That is the key point where they have been misled.
          BTW, there is no shortage of that kind people around me. Most of them have such a view fundamentally because they are desperately lack of information.
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          Mar 26 2011: "為何中國的老百姓在社會的底層,卻老是站在統治階級的立場上說話?"
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    Mar 29 2011: what gave you that impression?
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    Mar 26 2011: There is a huge information asymmetry in china so they has always been misled.,which exactly the same as 1984.