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Can money buy happiness?

I would like to know what most people think about this: Does money create real happiness?

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This is what I think about it:
If you are a poor man, you're hungry but you don't have any money food, you sleep on the streets but you don't have any money for pay an hotel's room, plus you're sick and you don't have money for pay the medicaments... Are you a happy man?

Thanks all you for comment!

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    Oct 28 2012: I know lawyers who work (or at least charge) 70 hours a week. These people will never have enough money. They have come to worship material things and the life and inage that money provides.

    I do not think that money can "buy" happiness .... I think it is how we manage our time and the assets that we have will determine the levels of satisfaction and "happiness" that we will enjoy.

    Notice that I did not imply that there must be a lot of money ... and there does not have to be. If you can provide the essentials, share your time with loved ones, and "get away" to swim, ski, tour, etc .., and share memories once or twice a year then you have a rich and fulfilling life.

    What would happiness be to you? With or without money.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Oct 28 2012: The joke: Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure can make your misery more comfortable!

    The reality: Money buys you options.

    Once you have that which is necessary to survive you can focus on your higher needs. Money gives you options for achieving those that those without money do not have. But, the pursuit of happiness is entirely up to you. Pursuing money will not bring you happiness.
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    Oct 28 2012: I do not know. Why don't you set up an experiment and give me a lot of money. I am willing to give it a try:)
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    Oct 27 2012: Happiness is a choice.
    There are rich and happy people, there are poor and happy people; there are rich and miserable people, there are poor and miserable people.
    There is hardly anyone who loves poverty; but there are too many pointers around us to the fact that money does not solve all problems.
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    Oct 27 2012: What you wanted to mean by "real happiness"?
    However, a person who is hungry because s/he doesn't have money to buy food , which might make her/him unhappy, some money with which s/he can buy food will make her/him happy that moment.
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      Oct 28 2012: Yes!
      I agree.

      (See also: my reply to Krisztián Pintér, at the 2nd earliest comment herein)
  • Oct 27 2012: A good place to begin to discover answers:

    Money has its place.
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    W. Ying

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    Oct 27 2012: “I think:
    (1) Money can buy happiness at/below its optimal point of quantity.
    (2) Money can buy INVALID happiness above its optimal point in quantity. The further above the point is the more invalid content it contains.

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    Oct 28 2012: I would suggest that, in pure theory (not modern practice, at all), capitalism, is designed, to reward money to people, for doing things that will, in the long term, make them happy. It is designed to reward money to people, for producing things that society, and the community value. Thus allowing people who do good, more power, and priviledge, than people who do harm. In essence, it was designed to make doing good, so rewarding, that evil would virtually disappear.

    Unfortunately this system has been very warped by short term happiness, being chosen over long term happiness. Junk food over exercise. Drugs over meaningful interactions, and healthy relationships, etc. Earning money, in the purest sense. Doing work, that helps people solve their problems... Is happiness in my opinion. When you have earned your money, in that manner, there are, and should be cool perks, like jet ski's, travel, and maybe rocket packs one day. The happiness comes from earning those perks however, not just having them.
  • Oct 27 2012: Money is a means to buy tools, that are needed in every day life.
    Having enough money to pay bills etc. gives a person a sense of being stable.
    Money does not create happiness, nor does the lack of it. Happiness comes from within a person.
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    Oct 27 2012: Life in order to eat, in order to amuse oneself, in order to grow rich and have a great career does not give the feeling of real satisfaction.

    Moreover, people who concentrate on the above are satisfied the less, the longer they live.

    Everybody, whether or not they confess it to themselves, really knows that their life, apart from the meaning it has as such, has a yet deeper one, and they feel truly happy only in proportion to the degree to which they give expression to the latter.

    Everybody is inwardly driven by a feeling of "should", no matter whether they opon their ear to it or not.
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    Oct 27 2012: Yes, money can buy happiness. Not all but certain types of it.
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    Gail .

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    Oct 27 2012: Money cannot buy happiness, but it can put you in a place where you have less to be unhappy about.
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    Oct 27 2012: depends on your definition of "real". if you can buy medicine for your family, is it real?
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      W. Ying

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      Oct 28 2012: I would define the “real” happiness as:
      (1) Valid happiness: --- the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping one’s DNA alive.

      (2) Invalid happiness: --- the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping one’s DNA alive, but long-time feeling of things being a-step-worse for keeping one’s DNA alive.
      Such as eating junk food, smoking tobacco, abusing drug, .... making too much money.
      It is invalid because it is out of the validity scope of our instincts formed 10,000 years ago.