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Is there a social network platform for educators, researchers, and scholars?

My idea essentially is to craft a type of a social networking platform strictly for the benefit of all of our education. I love the idea of this website and forums in general where everyone meets to brainstorm and share.

However, i do feel that having a more active lively and engaging source where we can view not only past research, but current research and workings in real time would be powerful. The type of place where a psychology professor and an environmentalist can both be on your list of active users posting things at the same time. if you guys know of anything similar to this or are interested in ways in which this idea of mine can come about or any recommendations to the idea please let me know asap thanks for your time!

  • Oct 27 2012: I may not have illustrated this as well as i would have liked. essentially yes that's how it would be set up. However, we wouldnt have to go as far as making inquiries informal. I would like to see a set up though where posts and replies can only be posted by users who have noted credibility.
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      Oct 27 2012: Then what you are looking for is

      Here you have path breaking thinkers in conversation, with archives of past conversations, indexed by topic, available to the public.

      Laypersons on Edge are welcome to read and listen to online videos but not to participate in the conversations, as it is very much not an open platform.
  • Oct 27 2012: Hi. The closest thing to this I know of is Edmodo. A little basic. You can start your own groups.
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    Oct 26 2012: Are you asking about a network only for active researchers of an academic or professional type that then excludes others whose inquiries into a subject tend to be informal?