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In today's technologically run world, what is the new role of religion?

Since the past generation of the baby boomers took control of society, science and technology have risen. In this shift, society went from a religious centered society to a technology centered one. Now this shift was part of a much larger change in the way humans think which has been going on for many tens of hundreds of years. From the polytheist Greeks to the monotheistic Islamic people, the shift in religion has been something that took thousands of years to develop to what it is today. So the question I pose is "What, now, is religion's role?" and/or "Is that the role it is meant to play?" Now I am not saying that Science or Religion are correct, I am only asking what purpose it now serves society after falling as a community creator, and a spiritual binder. Where does it fall today and is it useful to us?


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    Oct 27 2012: Hi Scott.
    All religions are not the same. I guess many of them have more staked in their traditions than in any truth that science might uncover. Others try & accommodate new truths within their existing traditions.
    Personally I have always been interested in the science, & it was scientific evidence that led me, in mid life, to embrace Christianity.
    When I look in the mirror, I see 300 Trillion cells flying in close formation; each as complex as the space shuttle. Others see a natural progression of simple to complex. I reserve the right to my opinion that such complexity is a result of design & as science discovers yet more complexity I think that view will be vindicated.
    Most points of contention are similar. It boils down to opinion, not to hard facts.


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