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If these guys (and others) are right and religion is delaying human progress, how do we move forward?

1.Are the churches too deeply embedded into our nervous systems to ever be able to shut them down?

2.If not, how do we succeed in shutting them down?

3.Where are the scholarships to support the next generation of religion's critics?

4.Where are the communities with positive, shared vision/values to support a more rational, scientific future?


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    Apr 18 2011: We must first educate those that are willing to learn. Teach them how its affecting the world, war and politics. That will create positive role models in our communities. Due to the biological war fare and lab made dieseases spreading around the world I think there's a lot more skeptics around today than there were before.
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      Apr 18 2011: Great line of thinking, Panton. I have to admit that in my opinion the prominent figures at present—Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins—are a little too aggressive and antagonistic to be good role models for rational change. The danger, of course, as with many minorities, there are negative consequences to be "out" early in the transition.

      How would you go about identifying those ready to learn (besides attending TED!)?
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        Apr 18 2011: Strike the youth while the questioning is still of value, internet is already doing this as we speak, and those willing to learn are those who remain open minded. The last part is tricky because as my other thread suggest, non-religious people start to make fun of faith holding people due to some need to be intellectually superior. The real intellectual would show through logic they both really have the same underlining values of what is right and wrong, which is crazy difficult sometimes.

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