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If these guys (and others) are right and religion is delaying human progress, how do we move forward?

1.Are the churches too deeply embedded into our nervous systems to ever be able to shut them down?

2.If not, how do we succeed in shutting them down?

3.Where are the scholarships to support the next generation of religion's critics?

4.Where are the communities with positive, shared vision/values to support a more rational, scientific future?


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  • Apr 11 2011: I would never want to shut it down, and more than shutting down an astrologist or fortune teller. Shutting down what I don't believe in is scary. I don't know that we need scholarships. Especially something like this that one could fake a believe in just to get a scholarship. In reality, I think we have nothing to fear about religion, but much to fear from people who claim to speak to God. I have religious friends who I love dearly. And they don't push it on me, hence they are friends. I do wonder sometimes if they think I will not go to a magic place after I die, but I prefer not to ask or to know. I don't believe in the magic place.
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      Apr 12 2011: . . . but they vote.

      Consider how you would feel if the astrology people used star-charts and planetary alignment to make decisions about U.S. foreign policy, or if our children's education was decided by which Tarot cards were turned over for them on the day they started school.

      As for the scholarships: we provide scholarships to fight disease, to support capitalism against socialism, and to protect investors against shady financial practices. Why is this case so different?

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