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Debate: Should we endlessly assist population expansion?

I was intrigued by Magnus Larsson and indeed other TED talkers about helping with the desperate plight of people in Africa, for example the chap assisting with clean water and his 15nm filter.

But being a long view sort of chap, I immediately wonder if the best thing for the dirt poor isn't contraception. This may sound harsh, but I am no eugenics nut, this is not about picking cultures or races.

Also I wish no ill to any living people, they should receive aid, but the biggest taboo in modern science and political strategy seems to be overpopulation.

For anyone not knowing, please look at the world population figures for the past few hundred years, they cannot be overstated.

Simply working on keeping communities alive, finding renewable energies and looking to feed people is treating the symptoms, not the plague. And people, human beings are the plague.

Why is nobody asking questions like, just how many people do we want to support on this planet? Not even - how many can we support?

Now think of a world with 1 billion people. Or less. How's about several hundred million. Those people can live spread across the world according to available resources. We could still improve on our pollutions but decreasing the population seems to me to immediately fix most of the world's problems, and I don't see a down side. Why do those that want children need more than two? And really, why more than one?

Then the other counter to initiatives like Magnus' is, SHOULD we interfere with nature on the scale that he proposes? Do we really think we know the true consequences of something like that? Ask yourself, why is the desert swallowing green belt? Is it because humans interfered?

I have grave concerns that if you feed everyone, and provide their other basic needs through technology, without any cultural revolution, that overpopulation will simply and VERY rapidly throw up the next major problem, and that this may risk life on this planet.


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  • Oct 27 2012: I am so impressed with your reasoning, it is solid, as yes if one was to ever seriously look at the third world situation finding a solution would be easy and I agree with everything you stated, I had to find out how you actually feel...the one thing missing in all the videos is the male population in all the videos of starving woman and children, these woman are rapped and abandoned to a world of slow death and despair, it is the most sickening we could imagine...but all chaos is male generated and conformed...you want a serious answer to your serious question every male should poke themselves in the chest...we are the poison we reason to deal with the results of our own ignorance of self...so do you truly want to find the answer...man in the mirror...unless you get greed to accept that, settle in for the ride...1% is such a symbolic rule...tell them they need to stop and you will notice a domino effect but as long as we argue them, this you will never see...

    Also the rapping is continued on the bases of religion and its desire for mass which is power control and manipulation...they will not let you stop the flow of new power and influence and they calculate an acceptance of the pain and offer band aids for the wounds...and the people flock to them as if they care...welcome to hypocrisy...are you aware of its actual depth? A word to explain would be saturation!

    We argue and are challenged by the results of our own existence...there is only one answer to the concerns of man and that is the illumination of the problem...who should remain is not a question we will answer...the earth (that which gives forth in abundance and is everything and everywhere) is going to take care of that for us...
    • Oct 27 2012: So are you for population decrease?

      What do you think about Magnus' great wall of Africa?

      I was surprised to see in your profile you are from Canada, your views sound VERY American (USA). Is religion such a corrupting influence in Canada too?

      Good news to you sir, the rest of the world is not infected by such corrosive religious zealotry. Many places are religious, but they are the good side of it, they know it's place as spiritualism, rather than a political ideology. And for places like where I am, religion is fading from style. Although it's still embedded in our official institutions, I take solace in Britain's long cautionary approach, trying to avoid negative radicalism. We'll get there, and maybe those lawyers will take those wigs off some day.

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