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How to treat Insomnia?

What are some good remedies for Insomnia Treament?

Melaonin is commonly known along with calcium and magnesium.

5-Htp good as well, along with valerian, hops, skullcap, chamomile

and Lavender and lemom balm are suppose to be good too.

Doctors say it's good to have a normal sleep schedule like

waking up at 7 or 8 am.

Any other suggestions?

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    Gail .

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    Oct 26 2012: Now that I am no longer in the workforce, I can choose my sleep schedule. I usually take a nap in the middle of the day. I also enjoy getting up at 3:00AM. I don't call it insomnia. I call myself an early-person. I don't think that there is a universal sleep schedule that most should adhere to. Each person is different.
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    Oct 26 2012: Jonathan,
    I've heard that the herbs you mention are all helpful, and although I grow and use them, I've never tried them specifically for insomnia, because I believe if the body/mind is tired, it will sleep.

    I've spoken to lots of people who experience insomnia, and it appears that they are often trying to fight, struggle and resist the condition, and that merely gives it energy to exist. Many people say they cannot go to sleep because they can't stop thinking about it.

    Personally, I sleep well when the body/mind is tired. I usually read a little while in bed before sleeping, and if I wake up in the night and do not go back to sleep, my book is right by the bed, so I can entertain myself until the body/mind decides it wants to sleep again:>) If I do not go back to sleep, I get up and start the day, whatever time it is!

    I agree with TED Lover, that we are all different, and if we try to force the body/mind into a sleep pattern that is not comfortable, you may be fighting a losing battle. Go with the flow:>)
  • Dan F

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    Oct 26 2012: I prefer a firm mattress. I also sleep with a pillow between my knees and I like fresh air.

    Fortunately, I have usually been able to fall asleep without too much trouble, but I can remember a time or two when it wasn't so easy. I seldom take medicine for anything.

    I go through a ritual that has become standard practice over the past couple years and I think it has improved the transition into and the quality of my sleep. This not intended to be humorous.

    I print out a large copy of a web sudoku puzzle. I prefer the evil category. I make myself comfortable in bed, but able to do the puzzle with connivence. It usually takes about thirty to forty minutes to complete. It demands my close attention and draws me into what I consider a pleasing and satisfying game. Whether I finish or not the transition from puzzle to sleep has become almost seamless for me.

    I really think some individuals that battle insomnia may find this helpful. I think it allows me to decompress. I also stay away from caffeine as much as possible and no nicotine. I think the value of good sleep is way underestimated in its value to good health.

    See past TED Talks.
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    Oct 26 2012: I think:

    Good sleep is very closely connected with our lifestyle, particularly, the physical activity and sleep style.
    Such as:

    (2) Exhaust Muscles in Nature Every Day
    This is because our instincts or ancestors’ successful experiences determine us to exercise this way, too.
    This way is regulated jointly by the ultra-high accuracy and optimal points as well.
    Also, this must be the final specific standards of exercise rather than those how many hours a week or how many miles a day said by doctors and physiologists, which are changed often with the new data found and gradually approaching our instincts at the end.
    We have to exercise exhaustedly; otherwise, our muscles will gradually degenerate. This is the lesson taught in the biology at our junior high school.
    The degeneration of muscles will induce a lot of healthy problems. This is because of our body is a system of all its parts working conjointly and influencing one another closely with ultra-high accuracy and at their optimal points.
    (3) Be in Bed in the Dark All Night Long
    Our instincts of ultra-high bio-economics require us being in bed in the dark all night long. This is the lesson taught in the biology at our junior high school, too.
    This must be why human brain is the most developed one in the biological world. It is because people usually are thinking in bed at the beginning and ending of night as well as in the intermittent awake periods in the dark at night. Apparently, it is because human brain has excellent supply with oxygen while the body lying in bed with its blood circulation in most favorable state there.
    Moreover, in order to survive in the ancient times about 10,000 years ago, human beings had to think hard at night to cope with the wild animals because they do not have the sharp teeth, keen claws, fast running legs, and clear visibility at night without strong man-made light.
    That is why people often have unconscious creative thinking in bed today.
    ... ”
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    Oct 26 2012: B1

    Take a walk

    Watch a very bland TV show


    As you mention Calcium Magnesium