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We're not using the right side of our brains! (enough)

Before I write anything, I feel it wise to state i'm only 17.
I like to feel as if i'm talking on behalf of my teens, but I don't know for sure..
No, I don't have a piece of paper stating i'm intelligent - I don't even wear shoes.
I'm not a psychologist or a neuroscientist; but I'd rather read, write or run then talk to other humans, being young I don't think I've quiet had the opportunity to 'find my kind' yet.
As I've grown up, I've watched my teenage contemporaries chase desires that some greedy intellectual has created.
I've watched them direct their emotional insecurities into a facaded product of media.
I've watched insidious piles of information and influence uncontrollably seep into their consciousness, deprecating their talents, passions and potential.
I observe.. quietly yet torturously as my fellow teens live; completely oblivious to the world that narrows their perception, and kills their ambition, subtly encourages apathy and evilly feeds off their ignorance.
This 'new world' hasn't been around for long right?
No one has taught us. No one IS teaching us, to be aware, to know of it.
We are being drowned in information and starved for knowledge.
What hurts the most, is that it's found upon, and nurtures ego and greed.
I feel as if the months of pain and self education has lead to such a simple conclusion.
We're bought up in a world that predominantly focuses on the development of the left brain right?
I think we need to begin raising awareness to this influence, nurturing a protective psychological construct to barrier this bombardment of 'junk information' subtly yet evidently manipulating our consciousness.
I believe through my own lively experience, and the many books I have read that we need to start nurturing the development of our left and right brains EVENLY.

We need coalescence of reductionism, and holism.
I feel this is the answer.. (r)evolution.

My wee project


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    Oct 28 2012: Personally, I think we use the right side of our brains too much, and our left brains too little. I think much of what we are doing today is illogical, but in the short term, emotionally satisfying.
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      Nov 1 2012: Why do you think so, David ?
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        Nov 1 2012: Too many reasons to explain, and few will win me any friends... but I'll try...

        Psychology, has all but been replaced by psychiatry. We would rather tell our children that if they are unhappy, it can be fixed with a pill, then tell them that life is a constant struggle to find meaning and happiness.

        Our schools no longer focus on testing, objective differences, and competition... They focus on team building, working together, creativity, and building self esteem... Then when children fail the tests, people yell "Do you want us teaching to the test?"... If you mean would I like a teacher to be able to prove objectively that their students recieved vital facts? Yes, that would be nice.

        On the left and right of the political spectrum, it's all emotions... No numbers... people don't care about facts anymore, they are virtually inconsequential, but the other guy is evil.

        On the issue of the drug war. On one side it's "They want your children to have legal access to narcotics".... On the other side it's "The drug war is racist, and the only people who support it are private prisons"... It's all emotional bs, no rational discourse.

        On the issue of real war you're either for the troops, or with the terrorists... on one side. On the other side, you're either for the troops, or with the religious zealots...

        Almost everything that exists in our society today is an appeal to emotion rather than rational. It's all advertising. But, hey, maybe it's just me who sees it that way.

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