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If the state is so bad at raising children, how come we allow the state to educate our children?

It's obvious that our educational system is broken, but who is willing to take action to create a new system? Much of learning can be broken down into how much attention does a child get. In a classroom that's almost nil, as a teachers time is spread between 30 students. Studies also clearly show that grading children has a detrimental effect on them. So why do we continue this waste of resources that is also a waste of our children's potential.

What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts.


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    Oct 29 2012: We make the mistake that children can be educated - as if it's some kind of active thing we do to them.

    This is the outlook of a sociopath. Chidren are not "educated", they get interested and learn for themselves.
    A true education consists of getting out of the kid's way and supporting the kid's progress.

    The alternative is so dumb-simple that we miss it in our arrogance.
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        Nov 1 2012: Hi Don,

        You will see in my other writings on this subject some of the things you have demonstrated to me. Namely, the decline of the value of our elders and the emergence of sociopathic attitudes.
        The rise of dominance has invaded our world views to such an extent that we discard good fruit for an abhorence of blemish.
        This abhorence pervades our attitude towards risk such that the middle-risk path of a healthy life has polarised to the acceptance of tiny risks and cataclysmic risks with nothing in between but the coins on the tables of the money changers.
        Such that we dominate our children "for their own good" a good that is illusion - a good predominantly dictated by the violation that has its epicentre in the psychopath.
        Had I not seen for my own eyes the fallacy of the world view I was raised in, I would be just as everyone else - polarised and ignorant.
        It is plain to me as the nose on my face - children teach themselves - the true dynamic of education is to answer the natural questions of children to our best ability. To follow thir exploration, to clear the way for them and to stop demonising them with notions of original sin or burdening them with our own irational fears.
        It's all upside-down - the children teach the parents, not the other way round.
        Since I came to that realisation, my own child has taught me more than 1/4 of my lifetime spent in the sadistic purgatory of schools.
        I understand the ignorance of the victimised mass, but I can no longer walk in their paths.
        And if anyone cares to take the veil off their faces, they might find a better way.
        If I can help in that process. I will.
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        Nov 1 2012: Hi Don,

        The supporting environment is essential. Particularly the loving part.
        This is something only a parent can truly provide.
        There are some teachers who are very supportive and loving, however, the modern school paradigm is not supportive or loving of them - and they have a difficult time.

        I have framed my statements to attack the notion of education being the "filling of an empty cup" - which assumes that a child is a passive object to be "sculpted" .. well, perhaps a rock can feel no pain being turned into the statue of David with hammers and chisels, but it's violence when you do it to a kid. My loving but deluded father would say "as the twig is bent so groweth the tree" and used that as an excuse to screw-up me and my siblings .. the quote is true, but who would deliberately bend a twig? He was perverted by the old biblical disaster "spare the rod and spoil the child". As were many - many are still being poisoned by this lie.

        The state just wants people in "Jarbs" - listen to Obama and Romney - Mum and Dad - all in Jarbs, peddling their lifes-time, their precious minutes at 10 cents in the dollar to strangers who care nothing for the deficit in the child's nurture.
        Jarbs and Money - tokens of slavery - paid for by the poverty of our children.
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        Nov 2 2012: Hi Don,

        As I mentioned elsewhere, my arrival at my current world view was a process of observing the fallicy that underpinned what I had been taught and what my father had been taught. The violations.
        I have observed elsewhere the mechanics of how violation is passed from generation to generation through assumptions that arrose in psychopathic violations. This is thousands of years old - pre-dating the old testament of the Jews, reflected in their doctrine and compounded by the Roman nationalisation of Paul's christianity that sought to correct and heal the damage.
        IF Paul was teh pharisee of pharisees, Constantine was the psychopath of psychopaths.We all work within the frameworks established by our forebares - the opposite of love is not hate - it is harm, and we are all damaged. The psychopath has no love, the sociopath has love, but it is constrained by the generational injury of violation. My father was a loving man straining through the bars of his pain for that love to find voice. As are we all.
        I nominate institutionalised "education" as a vector of the ancient harm. I have observed it with my own eyes, and I invite others to embark on the journey beyond the aprobation of accepted dogma and go see for themselves.

        Best regards

        (edit: the flute does not require learning - just playing .. it is a thing of breath)
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        Nov 2 2012: Well .. The picture is one of sea and land.
        Our parents, siblings and friends trace out the shorline and say of the sea: "here be monsters".
        But when you abandon fear or get thrown into it, you find only land underfoot - where everyone insisted otherwise. This is the true "walking on water".
        Perhapse there are unknown monsters lurking in the deep, but can they be worse than the ones pointing to false shorelines to keep your back permanently against the wall?

        When I was 2 years old, I remember seeng that my father could become a flat thing across which were painted slogans - dead things against which no living truth could pass. This was a sad thing for a 2-year-old .. and that's why I remember it .. the sadness for my father - I could see that his love was just as harmed as mine.
        He wasn't perpetuially so, and before his death, had learned to climb down from his plackard .. mostly.
        (edit: there is only one book worth reading - it si the unfolding story of your own life .. something that is best read out loud ;)
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        Nov 2 2012: I have a very good picture of the puzzle concerning abuse.
        It resides fair and square in the centre of competition.
        Competition is required in the face of scarcity.
        Where is this scarcity?
        The dynamic that leads to the abuse you are experiencing is exactly the same dynamic that results in women being paid less, and children not at all.
        It is called the "tangible benefit". It occurs in cost/benefit statements that drive the whole competitive paradigm.
        The value of elders undergoes a transition from tangible to intangible - they are not reliable as tangible value units because they become frail and cannot turn up to their jarb on a tangibly reliable basis according to the defined hours of work. Similarly, women get pregnant at inconvenient times and children have not got the skills or strength required for the bottom line.
        in short, these social subsets have no tangible value and are treated accordingly.
        These things are obvious to all entities involved in competition - corporations, governments and legislative bodies.
        You are expelled to the world of the intangible.
        A place where the value is litterally incalculable.
        That sounds like a nice place to be.
        I am please to see you are embracing it.
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        Nov 3 2012: With the flute - Each note has a character. Each character tells a story in the company of the other characters - together they make a community we call a "tune".
        A tune starts in the heart of a player. others may copy, but it is their own breath that gives it life.
        Tradition is a process of giving life to something worth living.
        No one is precluded from this - the tune can start with you - you only need play it.
        After a while, you will know where to find the notes that others play - then you can copy them if it's worth doing.
        Here is a chart of where the usual notes are:
        But I have to say - there is no limit, and the finger combinations are not set in stone - I use few of these combinations when I play these days.
        The early tunes you find for yourself will be the most haunting and heart-felt.
        These simple flutes are present in every culture and are often made and played by shepherds who have no access to tuition - just time watching the sheep. Many of their tunes have entered the traditions.

        What we see as greatness in others is present in us all. The measure of greatness is to find, inside, a light to help others find the same light within them - then all are great. Oddly, the more of this light you find in yourself, the better you are at seeing it in others.
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        Nov 4 2012: Institutions have abuse as part of their dynamic.

        The original purpose of the instituion becomes lost as the people within it serve their own agendas by exploiting flaws in the constitution/mission statement.

        Organisations fail by design. They eventually collapse - this can be observed in corporations.
        Corporations are generally allowed to die - however, government created institutions are not.

        Government makes the mistake that a functional institution will remain relevant to the community forever. This is not the case. If a sub-community(insitution) is formed without a specific single goal, it will atrophy into a tribe-unit with abuse as the resulting dynamic.

        Ashly Smith clearly manifests the symptoms of bipolar disorder. There are very effective drug treatments for this - if prescribed by an adequately skilled psychiatrist. Unfortunately, such skill is rare. The neuroscience fields are advancing rapidly - one would hope that such skills will become more common.
        The answer to harm is healing.
        The world's attention must be drawn to this truth if we are to survive the next few decades.
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        Nov 4 2012: hi Don,

        i am more interested in root physical causes than the extrapolation of those causes into philosophy.
        Philosphy is a powerful tool for awareness, byt it must find dround in reality.
        I do not condone the bending of twigs in any way shape or form (propaganda).
        Dr Penfield exhibits the right motives, but shows an ignorance of the root causality.
        Instead of the word "propaganda" - his hypothesis would be better served by the word "nurture".
        We must be careful to recognise violation in the language we use. Upon detection it falsifies everything we say - ubnless we are talking about violence.
        If violence is appropriate, then I propose that it should be turned against the enemy - not his victims.
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        Nov 4 2012: Hi Don,

        It is pleasing to interact with someone not afraid to "keep me on my toes"!
        Many thanks!

        Logical intelligence is forever relative - and never absolute. But it is the medium by which we progress.

        The family. To replace the fundamental power and value of the family os tp sit on a branch and cut it off behind you.
        Any definition of a "sea of society" must build on the power of family - otherwise will fail. If this sea of society does not resemble the family it will fail.

        But I must point out, that humans are far more than family - at the least we are tribal. Wolf packs are family. Lion prides are family ... most pure family groups seem to be carnivourous predators. Many mamals are community creatures .. why should we be less than cattle?

        And what then of the adoptee?

        Please do not confuse philosophy with logic. The words and musings of philospohy trail along like a cowered dog for scraps from teh scientist's table, and yet, the scientist takes scaps from the philospher - to chew the truth from them - a meagre meal, but at least, somewhere to start.

        It must be demonstrated - repeatable and open to falsification. Or it is rubbish.

        These philosophers that take up ideas that just seem good to them. By all means - try them out, but be willing to admit failure.

        You know I hav extensive experience with bipolar people. THey have enormous potential - but it requires willing and loving support as well as highly skilled treatment to gain a net positive fom their swinging nightmare. It is not a task lightly taken - and one that should be abandonned quickly if the loving support is not enough.

        Is it now your life's work to take a chunk out of the legal abuse dragon?
        An honourable work!

        Best regards

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        Nov 6 2012: Hi Don,

        YOu might like this:


        I recognise that there are some more experienced thinkers than us, but I don't accept that they are better.

        And I have almost nil respect for experience - I have known people who have 40 years of experience * of the same day over and over agian! * people who think I'm crazy for seeking a new day every day.
        Better than us?
        Not likely.
        Is there room for improvement?
        Definitlely - till our last breath - it should be as sweet as the first.
        Can we learn from the 1-day-for-40-years guy?
        Yes - he knows more about that day than anyone - but don't take his advice on any other day.
        Who is most expert at living your life?
        You are.
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        Nov 7 2012: Hi Don,

        This is a 2 hour debate.
        I have to remind you that I spent 8 years intensively investigating faiths of all types - in person.
        I developed a technique of attracting proseltysers - including a method of walking - guaranteed, you walk like that and it will attract every proselytiser for a city block ;)
        Following that 8 years, I have maintained an active attention to all things faith and spiritually based.
        It is a measure of respect for you and in the name of open mindedness that I will subject myself to this 2 hours yet again.

        OK - listened to it, .. all I can say is: "forgive the creationists lord, for they know not what they do."
        Nice workout for the amygdala ;)

        Hey BTW - I have growing evidence that the Sun has the equivalent of neural network learning expressed in electro magnetic causality! This makes it a brain with many orders of magnitude greater than a human brain!

        Would you like to join my Ra-Worship congregation?
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        Nov 7 2012: Yes, both the guys in your link would be cut to shreds by a Jewish Rabbi - who would already know the problems with applying the general to the specific - which is laced through both the debaters' arguements.
        Also, I note that Craig attempted to hyjack the questioners's amygdala as a secret attack on her. This is not the actions of someone who is confident of their arguement. I can only conclude that Craig is a pathological lier like most Creationists.

        Jesus was a brilliant teacher. By all reports he only ever did-his-block one time with the money changers. In all other things he taught by doing and by answering questions.

        It was clever to wrap up the message in teh resurection bottle - wasn't the first religion to do that. One can admire the intelligence in the deceit .. but you gotta open the bottle to read the mesage.
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        Nov 9 2012: Hi Don,

        Thank you for posessing (as always) a great capacity for grace!

        Here is an idea:

        Somewhere within my world view there exists a touchstone. It is the jewel of great value.
        I am not always able to touch it, but when i do, it tells me, without words, whether a thing in my perception is a truth or not. It does not tell me why.

        I perceive that you also posess this jewel.

        Our work is to share this jewel.
        This is the only work, and we each given a path that is defined by it.

        My touchstone tells me that Creationism is untrue. It does not tell me why, but I perceive that it is not the principle that is in error - it is the translation into false motives that betrays the Creationist.

        Through these discussions and the test of my touchstone, I have now perfected a definition of morality that has been missing for quite a while. It describes how creationism is the result of some Christians abandoning god for money. I can only presume that they do not have the touchstone, or have not found their way to it.

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