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If the state is so bad at raising children, how come we allow the state to educate our children?

It's obvious that our educational system is broken, but who is willing to take action to create a new system? Much of learning can be broken down into how much attention does a child get. In a classroom that's almost nil, as a teachers time is spread between 30 students. Studies also clearly show that grading children has a detrimental effect on them. So why do we continue this waste of resources that is also a waste of our children's potential.

What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts.


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  • Nov 5 2012: Here' are a few ideas that will enhance learning potential. Provide only nutritional food in the school lunch rooms. For elementary children provide adequate free time on the playground. I would suggest three recess periods per day, By the way that was common back in my childhood learning years. Teach and them examine the material taught. Allow children the freedom to ask questions outside the box of expectations. Don't teach to the test, teach to the curiosity. Challenge children to think critically and then praise them for doing it. Stop teaching as if children can't get it because they are children and teach as if they can get it because they are active learners. When speaking to children use the vocabulary that best describes what you want to say, don't dumb down your language, because too many children have underdeveloped language. Develop it. And use foreighn language in the school as a building too for their spoken language. Use music and art as a tool to learning. Don't throw these programs out because they don't fit the mold of math science and reading. Use all of the senses of a child when teaching. If you say Johnny needs to develop his listening skills, then use his other senses to reinforce his listening

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