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If the state is so bad at raising children, how come we allow the state to educate our children?

It's obvious that our educational system is broken, but who is willing to take action to create a new system? Much of learning can be broken down into how much attention does a child get. In a classroom that's almost nil, as a teachers time is spread between 30 students. Studies also clearly show that grading children has a detrimental effect on them. So why do we continue this waste of resources that is also a waste of our children's potential.

What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts.


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    Nov 3 2012: Tao P stated in reply to me:

    "Pessimism to me is stating the problems and being unable or unwilling to work towards answers. So my saying you're being pessimistic is not saying you are wrong, but I don't think you are helping us move forward. If we hope to improve the World we need to work with eachother instead of criticizing without any constructive thought."

    You are correct that I am pessimistic. I saw what happened to the Occupy Wall street movement. I see "opposition" to changing the status quo being successful. There in lies my pessimism.

    But I am not wrong in criticizing the status quo. It is through criticism that we can note our mistakes and discover innovation towards the path to enlightenment and successful social interaction.

    All social problems can be resolved and eradicated through the efforts of joint social activity. But we must first bring down the barriers that create social isolationism. We must create an atmosphere of togetherness.

    Technology offers an opportunity to do this but will, itself, mold us into a different sort of society if not hobbled with restraint. If that society does not incorporate a sense of togetherness, it becomes just another failed experiment towards creating a Class I civilization.

    By pointing out the problems I am not propelling us towards a platform of failure, I am pointing out why the other platforms failed.

    But Yes, pessimism is my strong inflection in discussion such as this. But you should use my pessimism to enlarge your ideas, not toss it aside. I am firmly joined to you in the desire for a better way of living together. I appreciate your desire and share in it.

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