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If the state is so bad at raising children, how come we allow the state to educate our children?

It's obvious that our educational system is broken, but who is willing to take action to create a new system? Much of learning can be broken down into how much attention does a child get. In a classroom that's almost nil, as a teachers time is spread between 30 students. Studies also clearly show that grading children has a detrimental effect on them. So why do we continue this waste of resources that is also a waste of our children's potential.

What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts.


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    Nov 3 2012: "What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts."

    Tao P. There is an alternative to this type of educational system. It is a known fact that when children are educated in an environment where there are no losers and winners, the medium average hovers over the middle of the population. Why? Because the winners become ministers too the loosing class. When the bare fact of being human is the source of reverence for all within the population you have harmony, a sense of brother and sister hood a village like atmosphere.

    The big power or drive in all of this is the idea of a sense of "Reverence" for the human model. Without it, the human becomes nothing more than another object for manipulation within the framework of survival.

    If the greatest act of reverence was for a human being was to give their life for another, then you have the basic premise to establish rule by human devotion to one another.

    Every other idea about social harmony falls away from this centrist ideal. The idea of togetherness is central and offset from the idea of self. Self is the current rule of the day and has been for all the history of mankind. We must evolve and become a society of togetherness. Together there is no mountain too large or heavy for us to move. Together, we can move out into the stars.

    Believe it or not. The idea of corporation offers an avenue towards reaching this goal. By forming ourselves into corporations we become brothers and sisters of the corporation and the corporations become elements in the society of social existence. Currently, we are spread out too thinly. By contracting ourselves into Social villages (Living corporation cells), we can consolidate our resources better and extend resources to each corporate village cell as it's needs be. From each cell according to it abilities and to each according to its needs.
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      Nov 3 2012: (Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I read this after responding to your previous reply. This is definitely an optimistic post)

      That is one powerful suggestion for a new system of education to be based upon. To take a step further perhaps we can remove the judgement (grading) that is so prevalent in schools today. The only time for tests is when one needs to prove their skills are adequate for a particular task (to drive a car, become a surgeon, work as an electrician) but these can even be performed as an apprentice to a professional who can then approve ones proficiency without a true test.

      To build on your other point, I agree that we do need to develop a more co-operational society. It is inevitable that we would go from acting as individuals to acting as groups and communities, it is the only way evolution flows.
      I like your point on having mutual corporations, though perhaps what you are stating is more akin to having cooperatives. I think we can apply your idea to communities then perhaps they could have more community space that the members could access and take care of. More places for social interaction.
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        Nov 3 2012: We see the same picture. :)

        The reason most of the systems we've created fail is because they always evolve along capitalistic lines where the greatest portions is distributed to the one with the ability to gather the greatest portion. It is the nature of the game, like playing poker, it a a game more so than a method of creating harmony and togetherness. A wealth distribution network based on need would serve us better.

        We need educated children, not children who can pass a test. All children, if given the opportunity to learn, according to their abilities can lean anything. But, if we constrain them with time limits, we introduce a mechanism that accumulates failure, as well as success. We must get ride of the sense of failure. This, of course, is one of the motives of the Special Olympics movement.

        The ideas I posed in the beginning about population control are very circulatory in the realm of the ruling class. Why? Because it is a cheap idea to implement. The basic motivation of the wealthy after they obtain wealth is how to hold on to it. It is a natural form of survival of the fittest and dominates almost every faucet of human endeavor today. How to change and eradicate this desire requires us to change the way we live and view success and failure. We have to get rid of the notion of failure.

        Testing, of course only helps to foster a sense of failure. But, everything we do is a test of sorts. Each time a doctor preforms an operation it is a test of his/her abilities to accomplish the operation.
        What if the doctor fails the test?

        Change towards making us feel a sense of togetherness and doing away with any sense of failure is something new. It's something we have never obtained before. It's necessary if we are to continue a sense of reverence for Life.

        "It's always more complicated than it appears". John's Rule of Life.
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        Nov 4 2012: Don, for each human being hell or heaven, as you believe, is only a breath away. It can't get any closer.

        Yes, I agree, togetherness should be the goal of all humanity.

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