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If the state is so bad at raising children, how come we allow the state to educate our children?

It's obvious that our educational system is broken, but who is willing to take action to create a new system? Much of learning can be broken down into how much attention does a child get. In a classroom that's almost nil, as a teachers time is spread between 30 students. Studies also clearly show that grading children has a detrimental effect on them. So why do we continue this waste of resources that is also a waste of our children's potential.

What is an alternative to the current method of education. Is there a way to light the fire of children's curiosity rather than smothering it with facts.


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  • Nov 1 2012: Hi dear TED community!
    I would like to share my experiences having studied in both sides of continent: The United States of America and Kazakhstan. I am a Kazakhstanian and graduated from a wonderful ordinary village school far away fro city and i am graduate of high school in States. I believe your point is somewhat not relevant to say that state is bad at raising our children. It is much more difficult to blame state when you have a wide range of political leaders in the World. One thing I found after studying for 10 years in my village school in Kazakhstan, I got a scholarship from and went to usa to get my education. I convinced my academic adviser to put me in to 12 grade to graduate and I did graduate with high GPA.
    What I want to point here is not my success but rather what is the motivation of some students! Many of people who complain that school is bad, do not even consider what is their child's motivation is. Most of people, even my host parents did not have to talk to my host brothers. I believe it is very bad for them, when they have better conditions of classroom than some other school in India or China do. I believe that most of the people do not value what they have and that is why they spend their time for nothing, do not ask. The other thing is social websites are the worst enemies of students because children tend to what their peers do and cannot go back because now everybody knows it. I believe children need to get an experience to study in poor or highly motivated high worker students schools. Or let your children study in a ordinary highly motivated Singapore or India schools then see the results. I have a lot of American, Canadian, British friends who actually got experience of studying in Southern Asian schools and they say they were blessed to open their eyes and value what they have!!!
    Do not blame others but ask from yourself do you knwo what is your children's notivation is?
    Did you ask who they going to be in near future?

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