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Can the United States ever achieve a balanced political system?

The current political environment is dominated by a two party system that seems to control everything and limits the choices available to voters. Without, a third party undecided and most voters are forced to vote based one the candidate they dislike the most instead of the best candidate for the job.

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    Oct 26 2012: Isn't the real problem the focus on national rhetoric that the 24 hour news cycle creates ,which we have the least effect on, and not state and local matters, which we have more influence over. In Vermont where I reside, I can talk to my representatives. We are a small state. We even have a third party that achieves enough votes in statewide elections to gain recognition as a major party. We also have an Independent Senator in the Congress.
  • Nov 2 2012: It will take courageous citizens to write in a third vote, regardless of whom is running, assuming the two who are, are like all the rest, i.e. conniving, intentional, imbeciles, who are wealthy, networked and uncaring for those who support them.

    The voters must take the risk, but, alas, they never do, even if and when, there is someone worth voting for, the citizens of Ameri-can't, never take the risk, and allow the B.S. hollering to drown out any inner, critical thinking and they thus fall for the same 'ole lies, oops, lines, and vote in elections that have already shown them, VOTING DOESN'T WORK!.
    The Answer to your question, NO but many will continue to espouse the virtues of a system that doesn't work simply because they have had it for so long. Pathetic and so apparent from viewing it outside the quickly expanding boundaries of Ameri-can't Imperialism. That seems to be working so it is only fair and perhaps accurate to assume, most Ameri-can'ts condone and approve the White House being the new Reichstag.

    And we saw what those leaders did.
  • Oct 26 2012: I am not in the US, but looking at all those rallies and conventions with the placard-carrying-hordes, I get the impression that the people of the US are quite happy with the repubmocrat party. I'm sure the US media also thinks that the repubmocrat party is all they need.

    At least Gary Johnson, whom I'm not too fond of, tried to use antitrust laws to get his foot in. Too bad, the other independents and their supporters did not try to push it through also.

    In any case, if people start talking about this only during election season, it's already too late to make a difference.
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    Gail .

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    Oct 26 2012: I believe that it is the political parties themselves that are the core problem. What's wrong with representatives representing the people rather than the parties? My state doesn't even allow write-in-votes.

    Even George Washington, who wasn't the brightest candle in the chandelier, was saddened by the choice to establish political parties.

    I see how they came about. One party (anti-Federalists like Jefferson, farmers, merchants, etc.) was the advocate of the common people. The other party (Federalists like Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Madison), were sponsors of the wealthy. As the common people couldn't vote, their voice was silenced, which is how the Supreme court managed to throw out the Constitution (the peoples' protection) as the law of the land without any repercussion.

    Simply restore the 10th amendment, and things will start to make more sense.
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    Oct 26 2012: Remember a few months back when folks began to get in line to become Republican candidates for POTUS? The line became quite long. Another very long line formed not too long ago when the Governor's job in California was up for grabs. My point is that early in our political process there are plenty of candidates but the shake-out comes quickly and eventually there are just two remaining for the "Superbowl", the "World Series", the "Heavyweight Championship fight", the "World Cup". etc. It all culminates in a mano a mano, head-to-head, toe-to-toe, one last knock-down-drag-out contest between the last two standing. Perhaps the problem is not a need for more candidates but a need for more supporters willing to donate money to allow a third candidate to stay in the fray. Note that total donations and expenditures for the current campaign for POTUS have exceeded $2B! Follow the money.