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What is love?

I'd just like your input...

Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

My conclusion is a number of statements:
Since all life comes from evolution, love has evolved along with us and is a great part of us.
Love is hard to define yet everyone knows (or think they do) what it is.
Our definition of love changes all the time, for many on a daily or even an hourly basis.
Many people find it hard to put words on what love is and choose other ways of expressing it, "your song" is one way.
My favorite quote about love is this: "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Finally I would like to state that love lies close to everyones heart!

  • Mar 25 2011: Love is the sparkle of awareness here, the opening to the truth through feeling, without thinking. At least, I see it like this now, maybe tomorrow will bring another insight...
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    Mar 24 2011: H. L. Mencken left a wise saying which I'm in sympathy with.
    "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."
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    Apr 1 2011: My grandmother used to say: love is a disease - lets spread a pandemic!
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      Apr 1 2011: I am contagious and loving it:>)

      I learned about unconditional love from my mom, who was compassionate, understanding, accepting, joyful, humerous, and always unconditionally loving, even when faced with challenges. My father was an angry, abusive, violent man. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to witness both polarities, because I saw the impact it had on themselves and all those around them. I believe that at any given time, we are coming from a place of love, or a place of fear. My mother showed me the power and strength of love, and my father showed me the weakness in fear. I made the choice to embrace love as my base of operations:>)
  • Mar 25 2011: Love is a bit like like only much more intense and greedy to boot. Might build on this. Not my final word on the matter. Love is the highest most profound expression of what it means to be a living sentient being. Love is an enigma that inspires our greatest highs and lowest of lows... but this is the stuff of pop song lyrics. Love is the concept in which we project all our deepest longings and most profound desires. Love is humankinds finest idea. There are as many notions of love as there are people alive to have them. Love is humankinds greatest refinement. It's a funky new deoderant spray. It's God for non-believers. I've got it… Love is a concept by which we measure our pain... No no… John Lennon's a concept by which we measure our pain… No I think that's God... or did he write the lyrics…. Love iis putting someone elses well being ahead of your own. Love is a fuzzy vague notion people tend to take for granted and avoid ever reallly giving much deep critical thought to becuase fuzzy suits them, excuses a multitude of sins. People only tend to give much introspective thought to 'love'when they're in the throws of it's savage upheavals, and this is really not the best time. Love is an unresolved mishmash of yearnings, fears, desires, contradictions, and most of us happy to go through life leaving it as such. Maybe scared of what looking too close might reveal about love… or about us. Though who am I to speak for anyone but myself. Love is a multifaceted phenomenon. Love is an enigma The holy grail of a godless world. The root of all good. Love and sex make strange bed partners. Love makes for great sex, Sex makes love an altogether different proposition
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    Mar 24 2011: I think love is can make us happy.^^
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    Apr 10 2011: As regards the topic, a good read is Erich Fromm's "The Art of Loving". It is a very small book but it says a lot.
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    Apr 8 2011: i think love is god.
  • Apr 3 2011: Love just is. We are Love. Love is Life. Life is Love. Love is God. God is Love. Love is the life force behind everything and everyone. Love is Light. Love LOVES.

    Love is forgiving and Love is kind
    Love is bright and Love is unconditional
    Love listens and Love loves
    Love accepts and Love binds
    Love judges not and Love soars high
    Love sees good in all and Love lifts you up
    Love is compassion and Love is empathy
    Love is selfless and Love is everything and within everyone.
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    Apr 3 2011: Asked so often. A question that if asked at the correct time will be like saying I love you. Love is an emotion; I know it is just that simply. However emotions are no simple subject. Emotions are responsible for everything we do as human beings do; they effect every decision, every idea, every word, every movement, every thought, etc. So, emotions are necessary as a part of your life, your emotions create who, what, where, when and why you are you. You can learn to manipulate them, understand them, and even control them. Except one.
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    Apr 1 2011: This thread has been re-opened at my request, do not take my "conclusion" as any final saying on the subject!

    The word is free once again!
    • Apr 3 2011: I LOVE IT~!!! The WORD and the WORLD is FREE once again. Woo hoo. ;)
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    Mar 29 2011: There are two ways you can look at "Love"

    1. Scientific: Love, like all emotion is a chemical reaction in the Amygdala. A section of the brain found in the medial temporal lobes.

    2. In a spiritual sense... Love is a deep mutual bond between two conscious beings. (Including animals)

    Love cannot be described or determined by a single person as ones Love could be another's hate (Vice versa).
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    Mar 27 2011: Love is a verb. It involves care, respect, understanding and knowledge.
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    Mar 26 2011: Love is the pleasurable feeling which attaches or attracts us to one another. It's a feeling which has developed because of evolution - Romantic Love is to child-rearing and parental team-work as Lust and sexual pleasure are to the act of reproduction itself.
    That's my definition anyhow. :)
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      Mar 29 2011: Agree. Good song choice!
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      Apr 3 2011: Love is the one thing every person has in common. We all want it, need it, can't understand, and ultimately whether or not we know how to get it we still strive for it.

      Love is the connector of the world that is distorted by materialism, nationalism, and religions with different names claiming to have the same golden rule but not to others not in the religion.

      Golden rule = love as law

      "When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace" there is no better way to say it.

      Elton sings for a love and internal love, absolute love is external and for everyone.
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    Mar 25 2011: i heard people say love cant be defined but when we talk about it everyone understands,interesting ,isnt it?
  • Mar 24 2011: Love is the know
    Love is the known
    Love is the be thankful
    Love is the fire...Because you must burning or passing
    Love is the eternal
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    Mar 24 2011: love is an unfounded prejudice in someone/ something's favor. rather a simplifying/beautiful/fitting idea.

    also.. sort of from an evolutionary standpoint.. we all share a lot of DNA, right. a lot of traits that manifest and are affected differently by experience, even attitude. Well, from a hardcore Darwinian perspective, love is recognizing the best parts of you, (the parts you want to exist in the future) are better suited by the other person surviving and thriving. (If anyone can phrase what I just said better, please do! it feels a little jumbled) Oh, and a note... Some people find that one a little cold or something. But I find it sweet :) aw evolution in love... win.

    Awesome question!
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    Mar 24 2011: Love is a word.
    Possibly the most misinterpreted word that has ever existed.
    When you read the word love, it is but 4 letters: L; O; V; & E.
    And yet it conjures such strong emotions in some, while relating to nothing in others.
    It causes pain and it causes sorrow; yet only by brining joy and wonder.
    Love is the essence of what communication is in humans, it expresses our inability to communicate adequately.

    When you ask that question, you must understand that you are not going to get a definitive answer. For every person that lives, you will find that they have a justified say in what love is. Love cannot be defined; It can be explained, but not defined[1]. Love will be that one feeling, that only you have. There are so many different kinds of love. Platonic, Agape and Erotic are 3 ways in which you could try and model love. Yet there is also True Love, and there is Love of Music.

    Ask instead: What kind of love do you feel?

    [1]Explaining love: