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Identifying and acknowledging our differences is a step back-to-the-future in relaxing prejudices.

In some way or another, we are all in fact different. I hastily add however, that I do not believe we should all necessarily be treated different and/or treat others differently. We are the human race, but within it there are differences and they should be recognised, and even more importantly in the essence of equality... respected.

I think our yearning for equality is an excuse to try and make a complex situation, simple. It is a utopian like effort. However, I also believe that people over look the reality by labelling equality to hastily. In the words of Einstein "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler".

We should all be treated equal, but why are we so scared to recognise differences? Even our own.


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  • Oct 25 2012: This is an interesting topic.

    I see us all being fundamentally the same. We are all the same species and have the same needs (excluding extreme cases like psychopaths or people with mental disabilities). We all naturally want freedom of choice, speech, opportunity and equality.

    Unfortunately some cultural and traditional beliefs are imposed (sometimes by force) on others and children grow up in such societies with little freedom to choose their life and beliefs.

    If an individual has a choice then yes I agree we should celebrate people differences based on their free choices and likes but continue to support everyone's freedom to be different.


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