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Are the latest gadgets taking out the uncertainy in life? Does happiness depend on taking chances?

With gadgets we are becoming more and more efficient and optimised. I feel they are perhaps taking out a lot of the uncertainy in life by not really allowing us to take as many chances.

They have allowed us to get stuck in routines and take our work home with us after already working all day. Perhaps being too connected is hindering our lives rather than making them easier, and what about happiness? Does happiness lie within routine or when you take a chance and break that routine?


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    Oct 25 2012: Happiness is a choice. No doubt gadgets have made life easier; but they've also created their peculiar problems. As Scott Armstrong has wisely stated, so much weight is given to the importance of gadgets.
    • Oct 29 2012: What do you think these peculiar problems are?
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        Oct 30 2012: Some kids are addicted to pornography which they can now watch from their cellphones; pedophiles now lure kids by posing to be friends online; there is the issue of cyber-bullying; there is the issue of cyber security- hackers can access private information or even steal from credit cards and ATMs; so many Mr Michael Moore.

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