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Are the latest gadgets taking out the uncertainy in life? Does happiness depend on taking chances?

With gadgets we are becoming more and more efficient and optimised. I feel they are perhaps taking out a lot of the uncertainy in life by not really allowing us to take as many chances.

They have allowed us to get stuck in routines and take our work home with us after already working all day. Perhaps being too connected is hindering our lives rather than making them easier, and what about happiness? Does happiness lie within routine or when you take a chance and break that routine?


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    Oct 25 2012: If gadgets make people more efficient or take people into arenas to which they would not formerly have had access, that could give people time to take more chances and the ability to experiment more rather than less.

    Happiness likely lies within a combination of familiar things and novelty.

    You might be interested in Martin Seligman's talk on positive psychology as well, which also identifies what his research says about the psychological requirements for satisfaction or happiness.
    • Oct 26 2012: It does but perhaps we are becoming too obsessed with the online world and the latest gadgets such as smart phones, we maybe cocoon ourselves in our own little online world and we have to liked just as much online than in person and we are missing out on things in the physical world to a certain extent.
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        Oct 26 2012: As I have never had a smartphone, I may not have as informed a perspective on this matter as the more "connected" do.

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