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Are the latest gadgets taking out the uncertainy in life? Does happiness depend on taking chances?

With gadgets we are becoming more and more efficient and optimised. I feel they are perhaps taking out a lot of the uncertainy in life by not really allowing us to take as many chances.

They have allowed us to get stuck in routines and take our work home with us after already working all day. Perhaps being too connected is hindering our lives rather than making them easier, and what about happiness? Does happiness lie within routine or when you take a chance and break that routine?


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  • Oct 25 2012: Adding to edward's point- Does more complexity allow more certainity? How about more stress and confusion.
    • Oct 25 2012: Well I would say it more complexity allows for more certainty it allows for more things to go wrong. But what the latest gadgets are doing are streamlining our lives making it easy to get to A to B with out going the wrong way getting lost and discovering beautiful park, building or meeting someone.
      More and more of us are shopping online and looking and things the computer has recommend to us rather than discovering something in shops and it doesn't give you that ability to perhaps go to shop you just see out of the corner of your eye and think interesting lets take a closer look.
      • Oct 25 2012: This is a great topic.

        I think new gadgets and technology both provide us with routine and at the same time allow us more options and new things to discover.

        If technology helps us to save time (for example by shopping online) we then have more time to discover the world around us? We have also more time to discover new people online, new websites, new ideas and new inspirations?

        Recently Google released an application that will provide you with trivia about historic and cultural places around you. That is another great way to discover places around you.


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