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When and why did we start staking out property?

When did it all start and why? Who was the first owner of land and what was the criteria for a person to do so?


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    Oct 25 2012: Allthough most is speculation it is well thinkable that the first settlers had to defend their land because the crops they grew on it. After this went on a while trades were devided among people and city states emerged that had to be defended. Every citizen had to participate in defense or could pay for it to have it done for him.

    This is were we are today.

    You pay for the defense of any state you inhabit. No money no property or you have to fight for it on your own account which no one can.

    If we had world peace no defense was needed and no property could exist. Mayby then we give consent to those that make best use of the land and without ownership.
    • Oct 27 2012: Greetings...

      While I find myself in agreement with your origional statement, I am curious as to why you believe that world peace would end property concepts.

      I think the closest we have come to world peace is under the five good emporers of rome. (96-180 a.d., or C.e. if you are a politically correct historian)They ruled the known world and that a, " naked virgin could walk from Hispania to Italia with a bag full of gold and remain unmolested." is a quote from the time. The romans still had property.

      As I wrack my brain, I cannot think of a time or place where internal or regional peace led too the abolition of property... can you provide examples?

    • Oct 27 2012: A further thought...

      In fact, with some consideration, it appears that all of the so-called "propertyless" states and societies in the modern world came about as a product of conflict, ratrher than peace. It was so on the russian revolution, Mao's china, Cuba, North vietnam, etc... How does this corellate with your concepts of peace and property?

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        Oct 28 2012: Hi Ian,

        My remark was only a hypothetical one.

        There never was world peace among men not with the Romans not anywhere else. BTW Roman peace was an order of control like Yugoslavia under Tito. Maybe some people prospered for a while under local peace but it never took long before some barbarians would take that wealth with force.

        It was my take that if everybody respected everyone else no defense was needed and no one would need private property. Anyone could use land or whatever. As long it was done with responsibility it would have the consent of the community.

        This was the rule with the Germanic peoples before Rome had any influence on them. Of course there were conflicts between neighbors but if this occurred it was settled by the judgment of the community.

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