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When and why did we start staking out property?

When did it all start and why? Who was the first owner of land and what was the criteria for a person to do so?


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  • Oct 25 2012: This article explains it best: http://vision-nary.com/content/tragedy.html
    • Oct 25 2012: Fun little read, but it doesn't explain how some people came to think like that in the first place. Why would anybody one day put up a fence or write some rules and say that it was transcribed through them but that they came from God? Unless they woke up with a severe headache hallucinating as a result or was brain damaged over night, it doesn't make any sense to do anything like that.
      • Oct 25 2012: I rather think the article a bit exaggerated regarding timeline as to how it came about. But the basic idea is this, someone saw sooner the opportunity than another, to start hoarding resources and gaining power by different means. It is like a mountain of power - some climb faster then others, if so, then it is naturally that they would prevent others from climbing to the same position. It is mainly due to scarce resources though, but today we have a variety of technologies that could enable us to produce abundance: permaculture, aquaponics, geo-thermal energy, vertical farming, 3-d printing, and so on... I see you are interested in the Resource-Based Economy Jacque proposes. Very sensible ideas they have, regarding social design, and material distribution. The one thing that is getting in the way is our values. Technology is a double-edged sword; it can either be used for construction or destruction - depending on our values.

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