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The survival of humans in outer space is not possible without first studying nature.

We humans are now exploiting the world in a very rapid manner. Some countries are thinking that colonizing outer space is essential for the survival of human life in the universe.

Famous scientist Stephen Hawking says that if we continue developing our technologies in this way, we can achieve and learn to live in space within 200 years, but looking at the present scenario of the world economical and ecological problems, it is too difficult that the world cannot tolerate up to even 100 years?

We humans were born just 200 thousand years ago, but Nature itself is 4.5 billion years old. So the technology which we made is always less efficient. less durable compared to nature. So human life in outer space is only possible if we learn many things from these 4.5 billion years of geniuses (as noted by Janine Benyus).

Some research has already been made like "Life in Biosphere", but learning "how the these species evolved?" is now more important than "how do these species maintain their balance and their design principles implemented to sustain not only them but also the system?" We need to learn from nature so that we can prosper on other planets, too.


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    Oct 25 2012: Are we not studying nature ?
    What is the level at which technology can be called efficient enough (though it is always relative to the time ,place & need )
    Don't we have much less hunger in terms of percentage than say 100 years back ?
    Didn't technology supply increased food for the incremental population during last 100 years, while the planet lost cultivatable lands in many countries every year ?
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      Oct 26 2012: Yes we are studying nature... we are mostly studying nature for some medicinal purpose or something like that only but the nature has many things to get us learned, technology too..
      We humans born only 200 thousand years ago, then after thousands of years of gradual development our first notable invention is the agriculture which is around only 10000 years ago i.e., around 8000 B.C., So as we calculate the duration now date,we humans have gone up to researching on God's particles level within 10000 years.. This may seem we are grown well but when look overall living condition of the humans around the world having poverty,hunger,war etc, Are we really grown or developed?
      I think really no...we still lag morally, technically below... Ok how to solve this?
      If we have any problem we usually refer to somewhere or to someone,whether they have encountered the same issue like us and how they responded and reacted to it? We get their suggestion and their technique as their feedback and we face the problem.
      Likewise this problem of Technical and moral lagging can be asked from an expert of 4.5 billion year old "NATURE",which can give multiple solutions which are highly efficient ,cost effective, Eco-friendly also no more complexity involve in it.
      The word "WE" noted on the first line "Are we not studying nature?"on your comment line by you Sir denotes the whole human population in the world but the real thing is that nature are actually viewed (in way to bring engineering and nature) by few developed countries only then what about the developing and under developed countries, who are striving even for their survival?

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